reticulation installation perth

Reticulation Installations & Maintenance

For the highest quality garden irrigation services in the Western Suburbs, look no further than Western Property Care. Our skilled team of landscapers and garden designers are here to create a perfect reticulation system and lawn installation for your garden.

New Reticulation Systems

With proper and thorough planning, we design a complete reticulation system that allows your plants to soak up the perfect amount of water with as little water wastage as possible upon installation. Our Landscape Designers consider everything – including the species of plant, the size of your lawn, and how much sunlight and rain your area receives – when pinpointing the exact irrigation system to use for your needs.

Having lived and operated in Perth for many years, we are experts on the local climate and are well aware of how precious our water is. This is why our priority is constructing a reticulation system that not only saves our environment by efficiently using water, but also keeps your water bill as low as possible.

Reticulation Maintenance Services

All reticulation systems need regular inspections and services. We offer our clients full irrigation maintenance services, we check each and every nozzle to make sure it’s running at its highest capacity so your system wastes as little water as possible.

Although it is important to regularly inspect your reticulation system, the most important time is when you turn it on at the end of winter. This is because that after being turned off for months at a time, it is common for the system to have a few issues, mostly from the nozzles and valves being clogged with dirt.

reticulation installation perth
lawn and reticulation installation perth

What Separates Us from the Rest

The best irrigation parts also happen to be among the most expensive, this is why not many reticulation systems utilise them. This generally occurs because most landscapers will quote using the cheaper, less efficient nozzles and parts to achieve a cheaper quote than their competitors.

At Western Property Care, we don’t believe in this; we take time to discuss all of the different options available with our clients when preparing a quote.

With each and every reticulation installation and design, we speak with our clients about the different sorts of nozzles available on the market, the pros and cons of different sorts of pipes and extras to save water such as rain sensors. We strive to achieve not only a more efficient reticulation system than our competitors, but also superior customer service.