Buying the right tools – Part 1

While on holidays in Italy, I came across an issue that I haven’t experienced since before I entered into the landscaping industry. My fiancées mum asked me to do some gardening for her; she had no tools so I asked her to borrow some from a friend or relative and, although they were close to […]

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A commonly overlooked aspect of property maintenance

We often get called to help prepare a property for sale or for a lease and, generally, we are requested to tidy up around the garden and do small handyman jobs throughout the house. However, one thing we rarely hear is for paving to be maintained.

When we arrive to the property, the first thing we […]

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Rain Sensors: An essential part of your Reticulation System

When it comes to reticulation, there are two things we get asked about most: water efficiency and cost. In Australia, we all know how precious water is and what cost it comes at; this is why Rain Sensors are such an essential part of any efficient reticulation system.

Most of the rain sensors on the market […]

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