When laying turf we always recommend leaving it up to our professional lawn care team. However, if you wish to do it yourself, there are a couple of important tips to follow:

You should always make sure you’re working on a cleared area of soil; there shouldn’t be any weeds or gravel. Once the soil has been levelled, put down a layer of special lawn mix, it provides perfect soil conditions for the lawn.

Hose down the site, it’s best to work with wet soil when installing lawn.

Then spread some lawn fertiliser evenly around the entire area. (This isn’t required, but highly recommended.)

Next, roll out the turf! We recommend creating a ‘border’, then fill it in with half and full technique. Without a border, if you have to cut the rolls thin along the edges, there is a much higher chance of them dying.

Cut any excess turf, as well as holes around all sprinklers. Shears are good for cutting rolls of lawn, however a tip is to use an old steak knife.

Once everything is cut and fitted, the lawn needs to be compacted with a compactor. Run over each bit of lawn once, following the pattern at which it has been laid.

Finally, give your new turf a good water.

It is CRITICAL to really water in your new lawn. We advise to water 2-3 times a day for the first two weeks, once a day for the following 2 weeks and to follow your normal water days after that. Please note that residents are legally allowed to set their reticulation for more than their water days, this has to be done by a qualified landscaper. We also reccomend not to cut your lawn for around the first 3 weeks, depending on growth.

At Western Property Care, we always recommend Sir Walter Buffalo Lawn to each and every one of our customers. It looks the best, feels the best and grows happily in shade or sun. Please view the link for all the information you need regarding Sir Walter.

The above is general advice only. We always reccomend to have your lawn installed by our professional team as the difference between an amatuer job and a proffessional job is considerable.
Even more important to the laying of the lawn is to have a correct and precise reticulation system. Without this, patches of your lawn will not grow properly or even die if it doesn’t receive correct, even water distribution throughout the entire lawn.

If you would like to discuss with us about new lawn in your property, please contact us here.


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