We often get called to help prepare a property for sale or for a lease and, generally, we are requested to tidy up around the garden and do small handyman jobs throughout the house. However, one thing we rarely hear is for paving to be maintained.

When we arrive to the property, the first thing we see before the garden or anything else, is a driveway or pathway. This is why it is very important to maintain your paving.

Throughout Perth, especially within the Western Suburbs, there are a lot of mature trees and the roots from these trees are the main cause of paving damages. This is due to the roots enlarging overtime and protruding through the paving, causing a ‘bump’. The solution to this is pulling up the pavers, removing the root, adding more sand, compacting, screeding and then re-laying the pavers.

The ‘haunch’ is the name of a protective mortar base that runs around the edge of your driveway and pathway. It is the haunch that binds all of the pavers together and importantly, keeps the sand subsurface from washing away with rain. Over time, it is normal for the haunch to crack and damage, often from heavy weights such as cars on driveways and lawn mowers on pathways. The result of a damaged haunch is the pavers separating from one another. To rectify this issue, the pavers need to be re-laid and the haunch recreated.

Repairing damaged pavers are not the only aspect of paving maintenance. Over time pavers, especially lighter coloured pavers, will attract a lot of dirt and special machinery is required to remove it. This is why one of our most common handyman jobs is pressure cleaning. Pressure cleaning your pavers will remove the dirt and most stains from your pavers, leaving them looking near new. Below we have a progress photo from one of our jobs and you can see the results are astounding.

If you would like to speak with us about paving maintenance, please get in contact with us by calling James on 0416 913 299, or leaving a message here.

IMG_1208    Paving 1

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